Losing Friends in Tough Times

walking alone

I thought that I had covered many of the important topics regarding healing from burnout, which is the reason I have not published anything in over a week. I have covered what burnout is, talked about the symptoms and solutions, ways to find self-love and why self-love is important, high school burnout, emotional burnout, tips … Read more

To See or Not to See a Therapist


The simple answer is yes. If it is recommended that you seek counselling or if you feel that a professional could help you, then there is no use feeling embarrassed about it. Psychologists are trained to help. It does not mean that you’re crazy; it simply means that you need someone who understands what you’re … Read more

Don’t Push Yourself

how to heal from burnout

When healing from burnout is on your mind and it is your goal, then nothing can stop you from getting there. In the real world, though, there are many stressors that throw obstacles on the way. How can you evade them or handle them when you have no mental strength to deal with it anymore? … Read more

11 Jobs With High Burnout Rates

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The list is pretty obvious. Jobs with high burnout rates are workplaces that expect too much from their employees. For certain jobs it is even a requirement to always give more than is anticipated. Burnout is on the rise and it is affecting a large part of the population. Yet, strangely, this condition is still … Read more

How Does Self Love Help? – Part 3


Why do I keep on writing about the importance of self-love and how does self-love help if the aim of this website is to help heal from burnout? What has led you to burnout? It could be stress at work; stress in your personal life or with certain external institutions; an unmanageable work load combined … Read more

Top 5 Meditation Apps to Help You Relax


More and more people are turning to meditation now. The days when this practice seemed to be reserved for Zen masters are over. There are books that will guide you and also apps that will help you achieve your inner peace. When going through burnout and/or facing numerous stress factors, it can be a real … Read more

High School Burnout – How do You Fix This?


Burnout is not only an issue in the adult world, it is also a big problem for high school students. The demands that are placed on students – not only in school, but also in university – are extremely high, leaving little to no free time for the students and dumping unmanageable stress on them. … Read more


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