When is Mental Health Awareness Month?

mental health awareness

When is Mental Health Awareness Month? It’s now, in May! Mental health awareness is a busy hashtag on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms, but it shouldn’t only be popular in May but always. Don’t you agree? Hey, Why Only in May? Nowadays, I see articles pop up everywhere that stress how mental … Read more

Steps to Heal from Burnout


Burnout is a much misunderstood mental health issue, one in which you often find yourself alone, even when you’re surrounded by friends and family. The problem is that most people do not understand burnout unless they have been through it themselves. There are unmistakable burnout symptoms that may be invisible to the ones near you.

You are not alone in this. There are many who are going through the same thing, and others who have healed. Please reach out to us, you can reach out to me via this website. I went through burnout for a little over two years and it took me a while to heal. After healing, I set up this website to help others and to let you know that you’re not alone in this.

Feel free to check this video on how to deal with a burnout, and for more detailed information, please click here: Burnout, Symptoms and Solutions


What is the Importance of Mental Health?

what's the importance of mental health

In today’s way of life bad mental health has become the norm. Burnout happens to many of us. Anxiety, depression, paranoia, eating disorders, and other issues and illnesses are more common than we think, and yet most who suffer from any of these conditions encounter little support or understanding. What is the importance of mental … Read more

Tips to Avoid Burnout


So far we have covered several topics regarding healing from burnout. We have also looked at several causes for burnout. Work isn’t always the reason, there could be many other strains, such as constant abuse, bullying, ongoing difficulties and obstacles with people and/or companies, family situations, other life challenges, and so on. I could just … Read more

Dealing With an Employee Burnout – Supporting Colleagues at Work

burnout at work

So far, we have talked about burnout, causes, symptoms, burnout in different life situations, and shared tips and advice. However, we have not addressed how to help someone with burnout. What is it like for someone who is close to you to see you go through this? Or how can your colleagues help you? Dealing … Read more

How to Heal From Burnout – Burnout Recovery Tips

Burnout tips

This website is dedicated to helping you heal from burnout. The reason is simple. I have experienced it myself. I went through burnout for several years, was diagnosed with it in 2016 and it took me two years to get through it. How to heal from burnout is not always easy, but in 2018 I … Read more

To See or Not to See a Therapist


The simple answer is yes. If it is recommended that you seek counselling or if you feel that a professional could help you, then there is no use feeling embarrassed about it. Psychologists are trained to help. It does not mean that you’re crazy; it simply means that you need someone who understands what you’re … Read more

Don’t Push Yourself

how to heal from burnout

When healing from burnout is on your mind and it is your goal, then nothing can stop you from getting there. In the real world, though, there are many stressors that throw obstacles on the way. How can you evade them or handle them when you have no mental strength to deal with it anymore? … Read more

11 Jobs With High Burnout Rates

slow down

The list is pretty obvious. Jobs with high burnout rates are workplaces that expect too much from their employees. For certain jobs it is even a requirement to always give more than is anticipated. Burnout is on the rise and it is affecting a large part of the population. Yet, strangely, this condition is still … Read more


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