When is Mental Health Awareness Month?

mental health awareness

When is Mental Health Awareness Month? It’s now, in May! Mental health awareness is a busy hashtag on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms, but it shouldn’t only be popular in May but always. Don’t you agree? Hey, Why Only in May? Nowadays, I see articles pop up everywhere that stress how mental … Read more

Masssage Reclining Chair – At the End of the Day we Need to Relax

massage chair

Nothing beats that feeling when you sit back in your massage reclining chair, select your massage mode and turn it on. Time to relax and let the chair mechanism work on those hard nodes. Healthy food for the brain, staying away from toxic people, exercises, you’re doing everything possible to remain stress free, but at … Read more

Take Depression Seriously


We should take depression seriously, and although nowadays it is much more acceptable to discuss it, it sometimes still finds itself on the taboo shelf, out of sight, and out of any conversations. When you’re not affected by depression or have never suffered it, it is hard to relate to someone who is going through … Read more

Mental Health Helpful Tips

mental health matters

“Mental health is not a destination, but a process. It’s about how you drive, not where you’re going.” (quote by Noam Sphancer) To remain on your journey, today I would like to share with you some mental health helpful tips. Useful Tips Do exercise Do yoga Avoid alcohol, smoking, and drugs Eat healthy Stay active … Read more

What is the Importance of Mental Health?

what's the importance of mental health

In today’s way of life bad mental health has become the norm. Burnout happens to many of us. Anxiety, depression, paranoia, eating disorders, and other issues and illnesses are more common than we think, and yet most who suffer from any of these conditions encounter little support or understanding. What is the importance of mental … Read more

Daily Habits for Mental Health

Daily habits for mental health

Fortunately, mental awareness increases nowadays, although I still think that more could be done to make it more of a priority. Physical health is important too, isn’t it? Your brain is also an organ and it should be taken care of before it is too late and you suffer burnout or depression, or are diagnosed … Read more


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