Happiness, Inside Job – Practicing Joyful Life

happiness comes from within

Happiness can often be temporary, and for most of us it is defined by factors such as events, friends, partners, etc. Although I absolutely agree that certain achievements make us very happy, in reality happiness is an inside job. What do I mean by that? It’s simple. If your happiness depended on outside circumstances and … Read more

Tips to Avoid Burnout


So far we have covered several topics regarding healing from burnout. We have also looked at several causes for burnout. Work isn’t always the reason, there could be many other strains, such as constant abuse, bullying, ongoing difficulties and obstacles with people and/or companies, family situations, other life challenges, and so on. I could just … Read more

Dealing With an Employee Burnout – Supporting Colleagues at Work

burnout at work

So far, we have talked about burnout, causes, symptoms, burnout in different life situations, and shared tips and advice. However, we have not addressed how to help someone with burnout. What is it like for someone who is close to you to see you go through this? Or how can your colleagues help you? Dealing … Read more

How to Heal From Burnout – Burnout Recovery Tips

Burnout tips

This website is dedicated to helping you heal from burnout. The reason is simple. I have experienced it myself. I went through burnout for several years, was diagnosed with it in 2016 and it took me two years to get through it. How to heal from burnout is not always easy, but in 2018 I … Read more

Dog Cat Rescue – When Compassion is Misunderstood


Us humans could be called experts when it comes to judging. Whoever has never judged in their life, please raise their hand. I am guilty of it myself. Concerning my voluntary work for animal welfare, I have been misunderstood for more than 20 years. For two decades I have been hearing “Christine just loves animals … Read more

When Helping Others Hurts You


Although we know that helping others helps you in many ways, there are certain circumstances when your desire to help out others may end up damaging … you. This article is not about not offering your help. On the contrary, it is important to help others, and I also help when I can. Nonetheless, sometimes … Read more

Symptoms of a Hormonal Imbalance

hormonal imbalance

Hormones are chemicals that function as tiny messengers between organs and tissues in our bodies. Basically, they tell our organs and tissues what to do. This is called the endocrine system. Some hormones that are produced by the endocrine system are: adrenaline, cortisol, estrogen, insulin, melatonin, oxytocin, testosterone,thyroid hormone, follicle stimulating hormone, glucagon, prolactine, luteinizing … Read more

Samhainophobia Fear of Halloween

Fear of Halloween

Phobias are abundant, and many of us have a few or at least one. Some of us lucky ones have none. Although we know that phobias are fears that are based on irrational grounds, it is something we cannot always control. On the contrary, it often seems to control us. That being said, a phobia … Read more