Steps to Heal from Burnout

Burnout is a much misunderstood mental health issue, one in which you often find yourself alone, even when you’re surrounded by friends and family. The problem is that most people do not understand burnout unless they have been through it themselves. There are unmistakable burnout symptoms that may be invisible to the ones near you.

You are not alone in this. There are many who are going through the same thing, and others who have healed. Please reach out to us, you can reach out to me via this website. I went through burnout for a little over two years and it took me a while to heal. After healing, I set up this website to help others and to let you know that you’re not alone in this.

Feel free to check this video on how to deal with a burnout, and for more detailed information, please click here: Burnout, Symptoms and Solutions


14 thoughts on “Steps to Heal from Burnout”

  1. Hi Christine
    Thank you for this post and the connected posts on the subject of burnout.
    I believe my wife is showing many of the symptoms you mention. It is no surprise since as a nurse she has been working ridiculous hours both in her own care home plus in several local hospitals (in the south of Portugal).
    The problem is she seems to be in denial. As a nurse, she naturally believes she knows better than me!
    I wondered if you are aware of any resources that I can consult to learn how best to behave in relation to her challenges?

    • Hi Richard,

      It takes a while before someone understands that he or she has burnout. I didn’t see it either until it was too late. How best to behave in relation to your wife’s challenges is a good question. I would say, just be there for her, listen, and don’t challenge her. When someone has burnout, challenges or arguments are difficult to handle, especially because – as it happened in my case – they may lose their filter before they speak, causing harsh words to come out. Burnout, The secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle is a book that has received accolades of 5 star-reviews on Amazon. It details burnout for women and how to prevent, handle, and heal from it.

  2. I know some people that are going through burnout & I didn’t know until I read the symptoms. I’m going to share this with them so it can help them! What step should I take if I could help them with something?

    Thanks for the good info, keep up the good work


    • Thank you, Venche!
      The best thing to do is to just be there for them, let them know that they’re not alone. People who experience burnout often find themselves alone, because of a lack of understanding of others. Being there for them and providing a listening ear is a great help.

  3. Burnout is very real. I have experienced it before and I have had people who I am close to who have experienced it.

    For me it was knowing what I needed to do and wanting to do it but just not being able to drum up the energy or ambition to get it done.

    Stress seems to play a big factor in burnout for me. I now know when to feel the effects of it starting to come on and I try and take immediate action to prevent it, such as getting more rest, improving my diet, exercising, getting outside and enjoying the fresh air and doing fun things instead of just working. I also engage in personal development which helps also.

    Thanks for the post on this important subject!

    • Hi Rob,

      Taking immediate action is important, and the things that you do are great, a healthy diet, exercise, getting out, enjoying fresh air, and doing fun things. Having that break, basically.
      Thank you for your comment and your suggestions! 🙂

  4. Hello,
    We need to recognize these things better in ourselves. With hindsight, I can see several times throughout my life where I have suffered from burnout. Outreach in the midst of it is absolutely what helped me get through the hard times. Thank you for being an ally and a way in which people can reach out and hopefully get the help they need when suffering from burnout. Mental health is a huge part of overall wellbeing and we need more things like this and people like you so we can solve these problems together!
    Thank you again!

    • Hi Randi,

      It often happens that we don’t recognize that we have burnout. I also realize that I must have had burnout years ago at some points in my life without knowing that I had it. Knowing how to recognize the symptoms is the first step in getting better. Many keep on going until it is too late, but if we know the signs of burnout we can take action to feel better again.
      Thank you for your comment!

  5. Hi Christine,

    Thanks for introducing us to those steps to heal from burnout. I have to be honest that I often feel burnout for my online business, but I choose to rest for a few days or maybe for a few weeks to relax.

    During the time I felt burnout, I had headaches and didn’t wanna touch my computer anymore. I was the kind of person who refuses to take medications, so I decided to exercise until I sweated from head to toes. I slept earlier than normal days to get energized and ate healthy to keep my body feel the same way. Repeat the process for a few days or weeks, and then I will have enough courage to go on with my work.

    I like to share with your readers that if your symptoms are not that heavy, you can heal from small lifestyle adjustments without seeing a doctor. This is what I like to feedback on today.


    • Hi Matt,

      Very true, you don’t need to rely on medications to heal. I avoid them as much as I can. A healthy lifestyle, exercise, and a walk in nature can all work wonders for your mental well-being.
      Thank you for your thoughts on this!

  6. I feel I have been experiencing Burnout Syndrome. I feel that during this pandemic I have been exposed to sustained stress. And I have been reading that it is currently one of the most important causes of work incapacity. So I have decided to research and your article has helped me a lot.

    • Hi Paolo,

      Yes, burnout is so common nowadays, and the lockdown has increased stress for many. I am so glad that you found this article helpful!

  7. Hi Christine,

    Last year, even before the global pandemic, my husband was at home for 6 months with burnout. His complete body was in pain and he felt depressed. While he is still taking anti-depressants, things are much better now. He took to much work on his back, so much that even his hobby, which is hiking, got too much. I appreciate it very much that you set up a website to help people with this, so thanks!

    • Hi Lizzy,

      Burnout is terrible. I am glad that your husband is recovering and that he has your support 🙂 

      Thanks for your comment!


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